Fact: Fashion Girls Really Love This "Ugly" Trend

Don't judge a trend until you've walked a few miles in it. Okay, so that's not quite how the saying goes, but it rings true when it comes to our favorite "ugly" trend. Socks and sandals are a combination that fashion girls keep in their arsenal year-round. In part, because it's an easy way to make your favorite shoes feel instantly new and different, but it's also pretty darn comfortable. Sorry, Dad, the secret is out.

So what's the trick for nailing this comfy combo like a trendsetter? It's all about choosing styles that work together. A ruffled feminine sock with a platform sandal or a sheer sock with footwear that's a little more avant-garde. Leave the gym socks at home, and experiment with fun and fresh combinations. Below, we're highlighting a few cool ways to wear the look, and shopping out goodies to help you pull it all off.

Read on for a no-fail guide to socks and sandals.