Please Stop Hating on These "Ugly" Shoes

Yes, my parents are trail mix–eating, composting, hiking sandal–wearing type of folk. So maybe that's where my love for these "ugly" shoes began. But luckily for me, they've grown in popularity and become a staple among bloggers, street style stars, and, yes, editors. With the rise of "normcore" and all the later iterations of what I can only describe as nerd-adjacent style, the sandal style has trickled its way upward, spawning iterations that cost up into the thousands. And while luxury hiking sandals may not impress my parents (they're more into the OG iteration), they sure do impress me.

The key to pulling off this controversial footwear is all about the way you style it. For a cool off-duty look, try adding relaxed jeans and a tee of choice (see my take on the ensemble above). Alternatively, style with something a bit flirtier—say a chiffon dress—for a weekend ensemble that feels polished yet unstuffy. Or hey, if you're actually going hiking, wear with your sportiest leggings or shorts. Whether you're on the streets of NYC or out braving the great outdoors, let's just all take a second to agree that there's nothing wrong with a little ugly shoe action.

Read on to see how stylish women make them work, then shop a few of my current favorite styles!