Heads Up: UGG Makes Chic Sneakers, and They're Selling Out

Obviously, everyone knows and loves UGGs for its cozy slip-on shearling boots, but we're here to remind you that there's so much more where those came from (i.e., shoes that you can wear when it's not freezing outside). We recently gave you a heads up about the brand's take on the "ugly" sandal trend, and we'd be remiss to not fill you in on another of its recent shoe releases, which we think you're going to like: sneakers. UGG's Tye Sneakers are available in four wearable shades and feature a minimal, chic design. They don't even come close to resembling the iconic boots but they're undoubtedly just as well-made and comfortable.

As a testament to how well-received the nubuck leather sneakers are from the get-go, many sizes are currently sold out on UGG's site, and the sneakers have racked up a five-star rating (on both UGG's site and Nordstrom), with one reviewer saying, "These are the most comfortable fashion sneakers I've ever bought." Another compared them to "walking on a cloud." But you probably just want to see them for yourself right?

Read on to shop UGG's stylish, highly rated Tye Sneakers!