Your Guide To Wearing Leather Pants Like a Fashion Editor

Can you get away with wearing them to the office without a write-up from HR? Which fit is the most flattering? Can you actually cuff a leather pant? I came to a few conclusions, and while I can’t claim to be “doing pretty good as far as geniuses go” like West, I like to think there are a few takeaways worth pocketing. 

Look 1: For The Office

Leather pants for the workplace are tricky territory, even if you work in a creative office like I do. Fit is paramount: look for a pair that isn’t too tight (leather leggings need not apply!), nor too baggy. Since the pants are a bold statement, make sure the rest of your outfit reads simple and conservative. Staples like a blazer, silk button-down, and pumps are safe yet still stylish choices.

?What I Wore: A.L.C. Tony Leather Pants ($1095); Reiss Lucia Silk Skirt ($210) in Sky Blue; Isabel Marant Nadela Blazer ($800, 323.651.1493); Shoemint Karla Heels ($90); Coach The Mini Borough Bag In Polished Calfskin ($398); Catbird Jewellery Opal Teardrop Ring ($198); Kathleen Whitaker Staple Earrings ($88); Bing Bang North South Spike Ring ($125); Bing Bang Crystal Shard Studs ($55) in Yellow Gold.

The three most important keys to selecting a work bag? Structure, structure, and structure. It’s a surefire way to look polished.

A slightly longer blazer is key for pants that don’t have proper rear pockets—after all, you want to make sure you look professional from all angles!

I tend to keep my jewellery rather minimal for the office, but mismatched earrings are a subtle way to show a little personality.

Layering delicate rings is a trend I have yet to tire of.

Look 2: For The Weekend

Slouchy leather pants were practically made for off-duty hours, but there’s still an art to nailing the proportions. Simple styling tricks like pushing up the sleeves of an oversized sweater and rolling the pant cuffs to create a cropped length ensure a flattering fit, while maintaining a relaxed grunge-inspired look.

?What I Wore: A.L.C. Tony Leather Pants ($1095); H&M Striped Angora Sweater ($60); Modern Vice Jett Shoes ($275); Sunday Somewhere Soelae Sunglasses ($240) in Transparent Ale; Vita Fede Mini Bulloni Crystal Bracelet ($350); Vita Fede Titan Two Tone Bracelet ($315); Tablots Buffalo Plaid & Leather Tab Flap Shoulder Bag ($119); Kathleen Whitaker Staple Earrings ($88); Kathleen Whitaker Tiny Dot Earring ($35).

An oversized sweater and loose-fitting pants necessitate a smart shoe. These triple-buckle brogues add just enough polish, so the relaxed look doesn’t skew sloppy.

Candy-coloured frames may seem like a risky departure from the traditional black or tortoise, but I love the way the amber stands out against my face.

You would think the combination of plaid and stripes would completely clash, and you’re right it does, but in a distinctly pleasing I-just-threw-this-on sort of way.

Too much jewellery would feel fussy for such a laid-back look, but two edgy cuffs are the perfect amount of adornment.

J.Crew Collection Leather Pant ($695) in Navy

BLK DNM 5 Pocket Skinny Leather Pant ($537) in Blood Red

Thakoon Addition Full Leather Pants ($880)