The Trend Fashion Girls Are Wearing Instead of Jeans Now



When I'm feeling particularly zapped of outfit inspiration, I've gotten into the habit of reaching for one of my many pairs of jeans because I know they'll make me look cool without really trying. I'll add one more that allows me to achieve a put-together ensemble using the minimum mental capacity: the two-piece pants set. It's a microtrend I've noticed bubbling up, and one look at fashion girls' Instagrams confirms that these sets just might be the trend to replace jeans (at least temporarily).

Given that they only require your wardrobe basics like a white T-shirt and ankle boots in order to complete the look, this a trend that basically does the work for you and guarantees you'll come out looking like you know what you're doing. It's not traditional pantsuits I'm talking about but pants-jacket sets with a bit of a utilitarian spin on them. The styles I'm seeing the most of at the moment involve boxier, button-down jackets, or "shackets" (which are super fun to say), and matching pants.

From Miaou's leopard-print set to Paloma Wool's pink corduroy duo, you fall in love with all of these two-piece pants sets. See for yourself. Up ahead, I'm sharing the coolest matching sets and the outfits to inspire you.

Because two is better than one.