Runway to Real Way Fashion - Etro

Every season there are a few collections that overwhelm us with their correctness. We don't mean that they're proper; rather, they hit exactly upon whatever it is we want to wear at that very moment. In regards to this spring, we had this sort of inspired response for what we saw on the Etro runways. Our eyes feasted on the bold ethnic prints paired with tough studded belts and army green accents-everything worked brilliantly. So, for this wholly personal reason, we thought the Etro S/S 08 collection would make for a very fine Runway to Real Way. On a less internal note, Etro is also a particularly illustrative line for demonstrating one of the most difficult things to accomplish in fashion: mixing prints and patterns correctly. In today's episode of Who What Wear TV we show you how do just this, fearlessly and expertly!