11 Style Secrets I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Turned 30

Although I've realized that being in your 30s is actually quite special, it can admittedly be daunting when faced with the reality that you'll never be a 20-something again (sorry to put it so bluntly). My way of coping with that reality as I approached 3-0 was ignoring the fact that it was happening, which wasn't that hard given that I was in a wedding on my 30th birthday… But now that I've had a little time to settle into my 30s, I've come to realize that my style has changed along with my age.

I don't consider myself someone who cares about "dressing my age." I wear what I feel comfortable wearing at any given point in my life, much of which are pieces I also wore in my 20s. That said, I've also evolved since turning 30 and come to a few new understandings about style that I wish someone had told me before I turned 30, which is exactly why I'm sharing them with you, dear reader. Obviously, everyone's sartorial experience is different, but perhaps what I've learned since turning 30 will prepare you for entering a new decade, or perhaps you can relate if you, too, have already reached that milestone.

Read on to see 11 ways in which my style has changed since turning 30 and shop pieces that I gravitate toward now.

There's more to life than just skinny jeans.

It was skinny jeans or nothing when it came to my denim preferences in my early 20s, but as I approached 30, I became much more open-minded about different trends, and my style greatly improved because of it.

Invest in bags and shoes.

Rather than put a large portion of my wardrobe budget toward a dress that I'd wear maybe twice, for example, I now spend more on shoes and bags that I can wear on repeat.

Shop and investment-worthy bag and shoes:

Longer hemlines are chic.

There was a time when I thought that longer shorts and skirts were "frumpy." I now think quite the opposite and welcome a few extra inches on my shorts, skirts, and dresses.

Always dress as if you might run into someone you know.

After running into people I knew at the grocery store looking less than polished a few too many times, I now put at least a little effort into even the most mundane errands.

Go to the tailor more often.

In my 20s, if something didn't fit perfectly, I'd either return it, donate it, or wear it anyway. These days, I'm on a first-name basis with my tailor, and I think my wardrobe reflects that.

You don't need something just because everyone else has it.

While it can be tempting to desire something everyone else has as opposed to feeling left out, oftentimes the things that I've bought for that reason were the ones that I got tired of wearing the quickest.

Buy fast-fashion tops.

I still love shopping fast fashion post-30, but I'm more particular about what types of items I purchase. I've found that tops are something that I always turn to affordable retailers like Zara, Mango, Topshop, and the like for. Top trends change quickly, and they're memorable, so I don't wear them as often as, say, jeans or a jacket. 

Cool activewear motivates.

I used to just throw any old thing on to work out, but I've learned that if I wear something cute, I actually look forward to working out (or at least more so than when I don't feel cute…).

A versatile wardrobe is the best wardrobe.

Instead of having separate pieces for work, going out, lounging, etc., I now focus my shopping on versatile pieces that can feasibly be repurposed for different occasions. 

Closet clean-out is all about detachment.

As I've waxed poetic about before, when you take emotion out of the closet clean-out process, it's suddenly much less stressful and more productive. Plus, you'll have made room for a few new purchases you may choose to reward yourself with.

Learn to like shopping alone.

When I was younger, a good bit of my shopping was done during marathon sessions at the mall with friends. While there are certainly exceptions, I've learned in my 30s to appreciate that my wisest shopping decisions are usually made without outside opinions. 

Did your style change when you turned 30 or as you approached it? Let me know in the comments below!