THIS Was the Most Reblogged Fashion Trend in 2015



The numbers are crunched, the notes are all read, and the reposts have been tallied: 2015’s #1 style trend on Tumblr was the tag #grunge. That's right, a sea of tartan shirts, ripped jeans, printed tights, patched jackets, floral dresses, and combat boots received the most love on Tumblr this year and, no doubt, inspired countless outfits. While the trend stems from '90s roots (thanks Nirvana and Marc Jacobs), after a quick glance of popular posts using this tag, this year's interpretation of the word "grunge" evolved to offer a little more grunge-chic than grit. 

Coming in at number two was the style tag #hipster, followed by #indie but it's unclear how large the gap separated them from our winner. The announcement came as part of the microblogging platform’s Year In Review —an internal comprehensive analysis that acknowledges top site performers over the year in a variety of categories including fashion. Also measured were the most reblogged models, and yes, Kendall, Cara, and Gigi nabbed the top honors there.

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