Why Tumblr Is Still the Best Place for Fashion Inspiration

In today’s world, we have so many different online spaces fighting for our attention that it can be completely overwhelming. How are we supposed to choose just one, when so many of them are interesting in their own right? In most cases, these choices are fairly random for me, but when it comes to fashion inspiration, I find myself returning time and time again to one place in particular: Tumblr.

Although it might be considered old news in the scheme of social platforms, the seven-year-old microblogging site is my favorite place to peruse when I’m looking to freshen up my fashion perspective or simply re-inspire myself after a long workweek. Totally confused as to why? I’ve happily spelled it out for you below!

Scroll down to find out why Tumblr is still the best place for fashion inspiration online, and check out some of my favorite images from the site!