The Doctor-Approved Hack for Making Sure Your Heels Fit Properly

From taping your toes to buying this $4 item, we’ve shared several ways to prevent pain while wearing heels. Today, we’re at it again, we reached out to the go-to foot pro for celebs, Dr. Sanford Weitzbuch, to weigh in on the absolute best time to try on heels.

"It's much better to shop for shoes later in the day, because blood circulation changes due to being on your feet or in tight shoes causes swelling. If you buy shoes first thing in the day, your foot may swell later on and the shoe will not fit well. If you shoe shop later in the day, it will still fit fine in the morning and be comfortable throughout the day. Shopping for shoes anytime after 4 p.m. should account for swelling," he explained.

So the next time you're off to shop for shoes, take doc's advice and schedule your outing for later in the afternoon. And if you're online shopping, wait until 4 p.m. or later to try on your new purchase to ensure a true fit.  

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Opening Image: Style du Monde