How to Tell If an Engagement Ring Will Look Good on Your Hand

Leave it to the endless world of apps and the internet to allow you to try on engagement rings from the comfort of your own bed. Well, virtually try them on, that is. I recently came across Beaumade, an app that offers just that. So how does this all work? It’s simple: All you do is download the free app, take a photo or upload a photo of your hand, and from there you can select which designer collection you’d like to browse. Within each collection, you can try on a range of cuts, diamonds, and ring styles.

I had a ball last night playing around on the app and testing different trends and designs to see which style fit my hand shape best. The user-friendly app also includes details on each ring, like the cut, carat, and price. Even if you’re nowhere near getting engaged, I promise you’ll enjoy virtually trying on the rings. Head here to download Beaumade, and keep reading to shop our favorite engagement rings.

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