Experts Recommend This Really Easy Trick to Eliminate High Heel Pain


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Finding a pair of heels that won't hurt your feet is as good as gold. Okay, not really, but it's pretty close. Luckily, you no longer have to pick and choose certain pairs based on comfort because experts have found a life-changing hack that eliminates high heel pain altogether. The best part? It only costs a mere $4. 

"Fans of the hack claim that simply taping your third and fourth toes together with medical tape (start counting from the big toe) can yield nearly eight hours of agony-free style, even in soaring stilettos," podiatrist and luxury footwear designer Joan Oloff told Footwear News. Taking a few minutes to do this simple step seems more than worth it, especially for those long nights out. 

"It's one of the easiest solutions to enhance comfort, it's cost-effective and, yes, it does have some 'merit,'" Oloff said. She went on to explain that the nerves on your feet become "irritated" and "enlarged" when wearing heels, resulting in the discomfort. 

“This causes a bursa to surround the nerve and fill up with inflammatory tissue, causing pain. The most common nerve that gets irritated is the one that sits between the third and fourth toes, mainly because the toes spread apart when the tissues enlarge,” she added. "Because of this, taping one's toes can remove some pressure from the nerve and inflamed tissues."

Now that you're informed, grab a roll of medical tape and let nothing stop you from staying comfortable in the heels we picked out below. 


It'll be a breeze to remain comfy in these. 

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