Trick or Treat: Guess How Much This Bag Costs

For a little Halloween fun, we thought we’d play a guessing game. Chloé has a knack for making bags that soar to the top of wish-lists and wait-lists. This year, it’s undoubtedly the Faye. It’s feminine and versatile, while also satisfying our ‘70s desires with supple suede and its angular shape. And let's not even talk about that bold ring hardware *swoon*. It’s basically Kate Moss in bag form—rock-glam and timeless, all rolled into one.

While Chloé is obviously the dream, the price tag might be a little out of reach. We’ve done some investigating, and for a little treat, keep scrolling to see if you can guess which bag is Chloé, and which is the affordable option—you’ll be surprised!



WHO: Yasmin Sewell

Do you love this cult-bag? Which colour will you be buying? Share your plans in the comments below!