6 Trendy Swimsuits That Are Actually Worth It

We’ve all been there, ordering that one trendy piece we love for a season but then tire of after just a few months. Ultimately, it ends up being pushed to the back of the closet until we finally decide to part ways. And right now, since summer has rolled around and we’re thinking about nothing but beach vacations, there are new swimsuit trends emerging everywhere we look. But which are the best ones to buy this summer?

We dug into this summer’s biggest swimwear styles and handpicked the ones we’re predicting are good investments—meaning they won’t feel old after just one season. So if you’re looking for trendy swimsuits that you’ll be able to pull out year after year, look no further. Ahead, we’re breaking down the cool styles to wear this summer, and beyond.

Go on to shop the six trendy swimsuit styles that are actually worth the investment.