Waist Not

As the holidays approach, we've been looking for a snazzy little number for all the looming festivities. Since parties naturally include a bit of swill-and-nibble, a super-fitted ensemble would be a total drag. In search of something ritzy but relaxed (given our upcoming diet of canapés and cocktails), we hit upon the unfitted frock.This voluminous silhouette doesn't do the ample-bosomed gal justice, so we suggest this trend best for a streamlined figure (read: A and B cups only). Since the overall effect is rather demure, this look begs for a tantalizingly sexy shoe-heel, flat or boot. To maximize the youthful cheer of the unfitted frock, keep the hemline a few inches above your knee. Finally, enjoy yourself this season. After the holidays it's back to waist management for us all!