Tuxedo Jackets

By this mid-autumn date, you've already got a bell coat, a little leather jacket, and plenty of cardigans. Feel like you're still missing a certain something? There may be one more outerwear item you just cant live without this winter-the tuxedo jacket.Why this necessary addition to your well-packed closet? Unlike the ubiquitous, little boy-style, cropped blazers, the tux jacket is cut slightly longer in the sleeves and body. This fit, plus satin trim, adds a certain sophistication to the rest of your outfit. You can wear it with relaxed trousers or skinny black pants, but they look sensational over short and long dresses alike (Kirsten Dunst wore hers over a long black gown to a recent screening of Marie Antoinette). It's like borrowing your boyfriend's jacket after a fancy party on the way home-only the fit is perfectly feminine, perfectly you.

There are fantastic options at every price point. We're quite fond of Philip Lim's take on the tux, $525 at www.net-a-porter.com. For a less-expensive rendition, try your nearest H&M for multiple options (we like the Victor & Rolf for H&M version, $99.90, available starting today).

PS: The H&M in the Beverly Center opens today. We'll see you in line.