Mini Metallics

We at WhoWhatWearDaily attempt to be frugal. We stock up on wine at Trader Joe's, stretch our blowouts out with dry shampoo, and love H&M knock-offs. We do believe in treating ourselves though (if our accountant is reading this, we always use judicious restraint), and are currently salivating over metallic minis. If you buy one extravagant item this season, let it be a shimmering and small dress. You don't have to have be totally togged out in sequins, oh no. To embrace this holiday trend you can just look for a little metallic in the fabric of your frock. We like the glittery dresses over a pair of black tights, like how May Anderson and Sienna Miller accessorized their looks (above). The tights make the ensemble a wee mod, which is great if you fear any Showgirls-esque element of a sequined garment. However, if your weather and daring nature permit, bare leg it like Mischa, Alex Wek, and MK.