Easy Fit

There are days that do not call out for tight, tapered jeans. There are days when tights are simply a terrible idea. Days that you just want to raid your boyfriend's closet and steal his jeans--if only they fit! When your knees gasp for ease, do as Kiera Knightly does and slip on some easy fit trousers. They're best worn effortlessly--with flats and a t-shirt--like Rachel Bilson, above, who slouched into PetCo in said ensemble. Daria Werbowy modeled a super baggy look for the fall Marni show, but a less exaggerated leg as seen at Dries Van Noten 06 show or on Kate Moss during London's recent fashion week also works. The nod to menswear is a refreshing counterpoint to the season's baby doll dresses and, of course, to something that's always current in our book: comfort.

1. Nicole Richie in Los Angeles
2. Keira Knightley walking in London
3. Rachel Bilson coming out of Petco in Los Angeles, courtesy of www.x17online.com
4. Daria Werbowy walking in Marni fall 06 collection
5. Kate Moss during London Fashion week
6. Dries Van Noten fall 06 collection