Your Favorite 1999 Trend Is Back 


Style du Monde

Once upon a time, the late ’90s took it upon themselves to exploit overt branding as a stamp of style approval. For the last decade or so, though, the idea of consciously wearing clothes or accessories adorned with logos has felt fairly cringe-worthy (save for a Chanel bag or that impeccable Hermès belt—though it’s worth noting these brands’ logo-free counterparts fared well too). But as with all things in fashion, trends—especially when least expected—come back again, hopefully better than before.

Vogue recently reported on the resurgence of branding and, to back its case, created a convincing high-low roundup of covetable items featuring a most prominent logo in their design. While we can presume the trend will initially spawn branded hardware and printed bags on runways and in the street, we also see it spreading heavily into footwear (as it has done with Gucci) and eventually making an impact on ready-to-wear (as we’ve seen at Tommy Hilfiger). 

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