This Magazine Featured Trans Models on the Cover for the First Time

Harper’s Bazaar just made history by casting not one, but two transgender models on the covers of the glossy's India edition. Industry veteran and Clairol spokesperson Tracey Africa Norman and Filipino-American model Geena Rocero, who you may remember from her popular TED Talk, are on two of the nine Harper’s Bazaar India covers in the series.

The magazine's art director, Christopher Sollinger, tells New York Magazine's The Cut that Norman's story inspired the shoot. "This entire project stems from wanting to do something with Tracey. The way she had to live in hiding and in fear, being such a beautiful woman with so many talents and gifts, just felt so wrong," he explains. "She’s someone who should be celebrated. I wanted to create an image that she would be able to look at and feel proud and seen and loved and appreciated."

Norman and Rocero are featured alongside models Tyra Banks, Soo Joo Park, Pyper and Daisy America, Hind Sahli, Emanuela de Paula, Cora Emmanuel, and Hannelore Knuts in a special-edition issue titled "The Nine Wonders of the World," focusing on diversity in the modeling industry. Norman has already taken to Instagram and shared more photos from the shoot, thanking Sollinger for "putting me back in front of the camera."

Check out Norman's and Rocero's respective Harper’s Bazaar India covers below.

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