What's Getting French Girls Riled Up? This Tory Burch Film Can Explain

When we think of girl gangs, we instantly think of sisterhood. But hey, even sisters have their disagreements. And in the latest short film from Tory Burch, the clashing set of Parisian gangs play out a fashion-girl struggle in a very tongue-in-cheek way.

In collaboration with Pictoresq, a Paris-based creative agency, the video depicts Burch's two girl groups, divided over different style POVs. "It all started with a scarf knot on a bag," the voiceover tells us, showcasing the brand's sleek, ladylike T Satchel ($495) and two adorable, but divisive, personalization techniques. One, a scarf that fully wraps the top handle, and the other, a hanging hankie.

The stylish clash-off continues as you might expect: great street style, two impeccably dressed opposers—one more preppy, one more boho—and a slightly slow-mo walk as they all meet face-to-face to settle the score. What follows is unexpected but, well, we won't give too much away.

Scroll down to check out the complete two-minute movie and shop its featured accessory—and one thing both gangs can agree on—the T satchel.


Tory Burch

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