We're Calling It: This Will Be Every Fashion Girl's Favorite Shoe

If an East Coast prep school girl became friends with a West Coast bohemian beauty and the two mixed everything in their closets together, abandoned their original style, and became a bi-coastal, beach-loving, cardigan-wearing, dynamic duo, you would get Tory Burch's S/S 17 collection. Although it was hard to fixate your eyes on anything other than the boho printed frocks, V-neck striped sweaters, and head-to-toe nautical ensembles, there was one accessory in particular that stood out among the rest.

Burch sent out several looks with pearl-encrusted flat slides that had everyone watching in awe. The style is so elegant yet extremely wearable, which is why we are predicting it will be a huge hit this spring. From street style stars to your fashionable best friend, there is something for everyone to love when it comes to these pearly flats, and we can't wait to get our hands on a pair of them ourselves. 

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