Hold, Please: These Under-$100 Topshop Items Are So Necessary


Collage Vintage

Shopping when everything is under $100 doesn't really count, right? Okay, that's definitely wrong, but you know what I mean. What is right is that you feel loads less guilty for purchasing a $60 pair of ankle boots versus a $600 pair. And that's a fact. I'm rambling on about this guilt/non-guilt shopping theory for one reason and one reason alone—Topshop has affordable finds right now that should not be missed. Each ringing in at (you guessed it) less than $100.

Should you be in the mood for shopping, and I'm not sure why you would be here if you weren't, we have a lovely menu set for you today, including "heavy petal" dresses, lilac shoes, and cargo pants (a trend to watch). Per usual, we suggest you fill your carts with the brand-new items from Topshop's new arrivals section before the other sneaky shoppers do. Because to deny the sly behavioral patterns of an online shopping addict is to deny wisdom. I think Plato said that somewhere.