The 3 Top-Selling Hermès Bags That Aren't Birkins or Kellys

If any woman could curate her ideal wardrobe, it would probably involve not having a budget. Alternatively, everything from her Pinterest board would magically appear in her closet. Unfortunately, most women don’t have an endless supply of money on hand to buy whatever they please. Instead, we pick and choose what is worth spending money on and what we can live without. The best strategy is to mix elements of high and low to balance our trustworthy basics with those must-have trend items.

When it comes to these high-end investment pieces, some of the most well known are the Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags. However, as we recently learned from Fashionista’s analysis of the brand’s half-year report, there are a select few other bags responsible for driving revenue. The next three top-selling bags are the Constance, the Halzan, and the Lindy. These three lesser-known styles are a little easier to come by but still just as chic. They might be a wise splurge item to put on your wish list, considering an Hermès bag is a significantly safer investment than the stock market.

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Opening Image: Style du Monde