Bathing Suits

It's bathing suit season! Although this time of year inspires fear in the hearts and midriffs of many, help is here with today's Top Five story. We feel your apprehension, so we scoured the swimwear aisles and found some stupendous suits that practically guarantee confidence for the wearer. Aside from being figure-flattering and fashionable, this crop of bikinis and maillots offer a wide range of styles that certainly improve upon the standard triangle-top, two-piece suit. You can channel a retro starlet in a high-waisted bikini, quench your neon craving with a hyper-colored print, or play it anything-but-safe in a super-sexy one piece.

Whatever you like, it's our hope that rather than letting bathing suits get the best of you, you'll use this opportunity to dip your toes into some of summer's biggest trends. Regardless of where you're sunning this season