10 Items Every Fashion Blogger Will Have on Their Feeds

Welcome to our new shopping column, Add to Cart, where each week I'll be showcasing my favorite must-have products found within our new app, SHOP/Who What Wear.

Honestly, how is it that bloggers always look so cool? Some may argue that looking good is a part of the top-fashion-blogger job description, but in my opinion, it's a secret talent each possesses. This talent combines the capability to predict when something will be a home run in the fashion world and the photogenic qualities of each piece. The result of the two is always a killer outfit and covetable item, both of which I want.

So where can one get items destined for blogger fame? On the SHOP/Who What Wear app, of course, and it just so happens that our editors curated a collection of pieces we know are on some of the biggest fashion bloggers' shopping lists this season. From the It swimsuit of the summer to the top that will do your Instagram feed wonders, get ready to shop the items bloggers are destined to buy if they don't already own them.

Go on to shop the items we know top fashion bloggers will love, all courtesy of the SHOP/Who What Wear app.