Tony Bianco Shares His Number #1 Tip for Walking Comfortably In Heels


We The People Pictured: Jessie Bush

Spring racing season is just about here so high heels and long days will soon be the norm. We can’t think of anything more painful (literally) than suffering over sore feet and not actually being able to enjoy where  you are, so we’ve gone straight to an expert and asked iconic Australian shoe designer, Tony Bianco, for his top feet-saving tip.

"Ultimately, a woman’s dedication to style comes at a heavy price—inevitably suffering from sore feet. While we try our best here at Tony Bianco to ease the pain of the high heel by adding cushioning to our shoes, our main focus is on sexiness and design. Always walk with confidence and never ever take your heels off regardless of the pain!"

So there you have it. It may be pretty obvious, but when searching for amazing heels that you plan to spend hours and hours in, it’s best to opt for a brand like Tony Bianco where extra cushioning has already been added.

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What’s your trick for walking comfortably in heels? Share it in the comments below.