The Shoe That Sold Out in Seconds Is Back in Stock

Sometimes, a certain piece lands in the fashion orbit and creates such a stir, there’s a frenzy to get your hands on it. This season, Tony Bianco did just that with its Kappa heels.

And it isn’t the first time the affordable shoe brand has had a winner on its hands. Remember the made-to-order knee high Ariette boots Tony Bianco debuted three years ago? Well, they’re still receiving requests today (Margaret Zhang even wore them to Melbourne Cup yesterday and Shanina Shaik wore them for Halloween this year).

Why did the Kappa heels reach cult status this season? We put it down to this. They landed in the hands (or on the feet) of the right influencers who tagged and posted them all over Instagram before they were available to buy. Then, the second they were released, it was game on.

Luckily for those of us who didn't grab a pair first time around, they’ve been restocked—so we suggest getting your hands on them while you still can.

Keep scrolling to see the Kappa heels in motion and then shop our favourite lace-up heels.


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