You'll Use This Styling Trick All Winter (and Next Season Too)


Imax Tree

Looking for an effortless way to dress this winter? Well, the answer is tonal. While monochrome outfits will never date, a colourful update to your existing pieces will never go astray. Think of the first time you strutted a cool denim double ensemble or a matching two-piece set. Daring to begin with, but glad you took the risk. Once you start coordinating tones, you’ll want to wear colour every day. Yes, even in winter.

The good news is, you probably have plenty to work with in your wardrobe already. Start by organising your individual pieces into colours (e.g. denims, blacks, reds) instead type (e.g. pants, tops, skirts). Then, pick a tone and coordinate a complete outfit. Easy. If it feels like too much to begin with, you can always break your look up with a neutral piece—think a classic white sneaker or T-shirt. And if you want to take the trend even further, try adding matching accessories and shoes. My favourite colour to wear right now? I'll definitely be trying lots of red and burgundy tones.

If your wardrobe is a sea of blacks, whites and denims (we're all guilty) keep scrolling to shop our top tonal picks.

I prefer longer blazers over cropped, so this one is the perfect shape. 

A one-piece is actually a flattering choice for layering with trousers and a jacket. 

This is a great size for everyday use. Bonus points for the gold accents. 

I'm still not over my croc leather obsession. The chocolate is an alternative to playing it safe with standard black. 

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