The Sneakers Every Tomboy-Chic Girl Will Want


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Heads-up: Tomboy-chic is a thing, and every girl that classifies her style as that undoubtedly needs a pair of sneakers that complement her aesthetic. So what is tomboy-chic and how do you know if that describes you? It can best be summed up as a fashion girl with an androgynous side to her. She loves to mix and match polished tomboy-inspired pieces with forward pieces.

It goes without saying that sneakers are a major component of achieving a tomboy-chic look, so when we recently came across a classic Converse pair that are exclusive to Free People, we knew we had to share them with you, dear reader. You probably already have a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors in your closet, but there's something special about these. The ivory high-tops are uniquely lived-in and feminine at once, thanks to the canvas's special washed look and the addition of ribbons instead of your standard laces. The sneakers are available with either white or pink (our pick) ribbon laces, and they perfectly represent the ballerina trend that fashion girls love. Not only that, but they also look stunning wrapped around the ankles, a styling trick that street style stars love (see example above).

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