If you, dear readers, are trying to stick to your standard New Year's resolutions (more saving, less shopping), you'll be delighted by today's tips because they're all about using what you've got. While we're always going to show investment and splurge-worthy pieces on they are beautiful, period-we're the first to celebrate thrifty styling. So on that note, we have three fantastic tips that remind us all to remix.

Bring new life to your favorite handbag
We flipped out over the Mulberry bag Alexa Chung carried to a Cirque du Soleil performance in London recently. The bag's body looked familiar (indeed, it's the classic Roxanne) but the strap was unexpected and interesting. We learned that Chung gave her beloved tote a new look by adding a vintage, Tyrolean ribbon-style strap to the bag. Not only does this personalize a popular purse, it also turns a purse with short handles into an across-body bag. High impact and low fuss-what could be better?

Segue into spring with bright pops of color
Ah, the transitional months! It's still quite chilly outside, but spring product is popping up in stores and it feels boring to wear your winter duds exclusively. One way to combat these sartorial seasonal blues is to start adding pops of color (a serious spring trend) into your outfits, like Rachel Bilson did on a recent grocery store expedition. Since the F/W 07 season was heavily comprised of black and gray, you can easily update the pieces you already have by adding a bright accessory, like a vividly hued scarf or a purse in a primary color.

Try unconvential combinations to create new looks
At the recent book launch party for Vogue Covers at the Chanel boutique in London, Claudia Schiffer impressed us with her nuanced ensemble. She made three separate pieces (a prim blouse, sexy sequined tank, and classic scarf) work together in an unexpected, yet cohesive, look. The long-sleeved, creamy blouse would look conservative-possibly corporate-on its own at this party, while the deep neckline and sleeveless cut of the tank would have been a bit too revealing. Together the two tops looked chic and interesting, especially with a classic scarf doing double duty as a belt. Take a cue from Claudia and try unexpected pairings for inspired looks!

Photo of Alexa, Getty. Photo of Rachel, INFgoff. Photo of Claudia, Wireimage.