Not to sound like a couple of megalomaniacs, but there was a bit of "creationist theory" at work when we came up with the concept of The idea was to establish a place where we could address the big fashion trends as a whole and showcase one-off outfits that articulate smaller style moments. Today's WWWD Tips is a perfect example of the power of individual outfits to explain (and inform) what we're craving clothing-wise at this very instance. Best of all, the above ensembles not only illustrate new looks we like, but also remind us of a few choice items we need to bring back into rotation!

1. Go for maximum length during the day
As you might remember, we quite adore the look of a maxi dress for daytime. Last summer we saw a profusion of celebrities in the ankle-grazing style and this year the uber-long frock is poised to make a splashy comeback. Check out the exemplary way Rachel Bilson wears her maxi dress-simple flats, unfussy accessories-as a reference point.

2. Let your zippers show
We're unabashedly obsessed with how a hidden helper-the zipper-has taken front stage this season. Even if you're not as bold as Zoe Kravitz and don't plan on purchasing a zippy skirt, there are still lots of options for incorporating this mini trend into your look. Of course, there are the gorgeous Zipper Sandals ($835) from Christian Louboutin or Matt Bernson's Swain Sandals will also do the trick. If you want a subtle ode to the YKK, try the Luna Zipper Bag ($385) by Cynthia Rowley.

3. Resurrect your light wash jean jacket
Denim washes are lightening up this spring and summer, so now's the time to bring back your light wash jean jacket to go with the season's late eighties styles. Keep it modern by choosing a shrunken fit (or tailoring an older oversized jacket), like the one Agyness wore with her white, tiered, Betsey Johnson dress and red stockings. Naturally, Levi's makes a cool and affordable option with their Shrunken Trucker Jacket ($68) in pale Portabello. We also like Topshop's version, the Ice Wash Denim Jacket ($80) is quite impressive.

Photo of Zoe, InfGoff. Photos of Agyness and Rachel, Bauer-Griffin