6 Tiny-Tattoo Ideas We Got From Zara Models 



Zara models have been providing us with outfit, posing, and general aesthetic goals for years, but as of late, they are inspiring us not only to shop but also to get tatted. In case you have been too distracted by the pretty product on Zara's site to notice the unique ink on the models, wake up because the tiny tattoos ahead are almost as cool as the clothes on top of them.

The main reason we love these tattoo ideas so much is because they are tiny, unique, and fashion girl–approved. As you can see from the unexpected Grinch tattoo above, these models love to push boundaries but remain chic while doing so. Whether you're into colorful characters or are in the market for the perfect mini symbol, leave your next (or first) tattoo idea up to the Zara models ahead.

Go on to see six chic tattoo ideas we're stealing from Zara models.