This New Line Has Adorable Every-Day Bags that Won't Look like Everyone Else's

As much as we love an accessory that’s incredibly unique, we’re not immune to the appeal of a widely loved It bag either. And the latest blogger-backed collaboration finds the happy medium between both. We’re referring to Tina Craig—although you might know her better as Bag Snob—and her just-debuted line of luxe leather goods with Gianfranco Lotti.

Craig's collection features totes with classic top handles, each standing out for its painted leather motifs of sunsets that appear on the front. It's an adorable alternative to an otherwise monochrome everyday handbag, and more importantly, a chic nod to Craig's upbringing in Southern California. In other words, don't be surprised if you spot them on every girl in and around LA. 

However beyond just the picturesque carryalls, Craig's newest collaboration also features a number of interchangeable patterned straps, that can be switched per your mood, swapped with a friend, or simply added to make your new tote feel even more you. And hey, who wouldn't like a little bit of It bag personalization?

Scroll down to check out and shop some of the newest fashion-girl- (and SoCal-) approved accessories.

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