Have you ever listened to a song on repeat so many times that merely a few notes of the chorus drive you to distraction? (We confess to playing Serge Gainsborg and Brigette Bardot's "Bonnie and Clyde" with a frequency that required forcible removal of said track from our iPod by concerned friends.) Or perhaps you've eaten enough peanut butter pretzels that even an open jar of Jif makes you cringe? In this spirit, we sadly, truly sadly, must sentence our dear friend le skull to WhoWhatWear's Time Out corner.

We've been morbidly obsessed with bare craniums for eons, but thanks to the recent spate of gothic references on the 2006 runways, we must shelf the skull for a few years. The ubiquitous nature of the skull went from fabulous to finished* at record speed. How wicked can you be if your accessories of choice are being mass-marketed at the local drugstore (and not just for Halloween, folks)?

Happily we're sure Hollywood's fixation will come around again, so please save your Alexander McQueen and Thomas Wylde scarves (Ashley, Sienna, Lindsay, this means you too) and Chrome Hearts noggin necklaces because we know you (or your daughters) will adore them in the future. Until then, we suggest striking the skull from your wrist, neck, and head. We're sure you can find another macabre accessory