When we were little, our exuberant behavior periodically got us sent to our progressive schools' "calm corner," where we reflected upon our social sins and took a breather from circulating on the playground. A mere fifteen minutes later (eons in grade school time) we'd return to our activities knowing a little bit more then we did before. Namely: you're annoying if you're everywhere, all the time. In this spirit we've created Time Out, a section for fashion choices that we wish would get benched for a few. Leggings? You're up first.

In La-La Land, leggings have been terrorizing the streets. They appear on 3rd Street eating cupcakes at Toast, they swill drinks under too short tunics at Stone Rose, they shop for ankle boots at Barney's, and we're just not that into them anymore. Rachel Bilson used to wear leggings (in February), but she's traded them in for opaque tights.