What a Thumb-Stopping Moment Is and Why It's Crazy Important

It's no secret that Instagram has completely changed the fashion industry. (We're all influenced by what's in our feeds, right?) Well, Eva Chen—head of fashion partnerships at Instagram—couldn't agree more. As Fashionista pointed out, Eva sat down with Proenza Schouler designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez at Fast Company's annual Innovation Festival yesterday to discuss how the social media platform has really changed the game.

As the designers explained, they initially sourced ideas by heading to the public library's image library, but now they get research directly from Instagram. And beyond that, the duo spilled that they actually approach their runway shows differently because of the app. "People are experiencing [the show] like this," Hernandez said, taking his right index finger, as Fashionista mentioned, to mimic swiping on a smartphone screen, proving his point about avoiding repetition within a collection. "Color has been more important, and also the narrative of the show." They have to keep things interesting as a follower swipes—fascinating. "It's not just about the clothes," Hernandez said. "It's how they look on screen."

Well, according to Chen, the Proenza Collection killed it on Instagram. "It really came to life, especially on videos. I shot a ton. I wanted to post every single look," she said. Proenza definitely nailed the, as Chen calls it, "thumb-stopping moment." Which, as she explained, is when you're scrolling through your feed, then suddenly stop and say, "Whoa, what is that?" So interesting!

Read more over at Fashionista, and scroll below to shop a few items from Proenza's fall collection that are totally thumb-stop-worthy.

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