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You don't have to be an indie buff to reap the benefits of Sundance. For those of you who aren't interested in movie hype or mad swag, we suggest checking out what the stars wear. The festival is an excellent place to snap up some cold weather, style inspiration from attendees like Mandy and Zooey.Up-and-coming actress Olivia Thirlby (in town for "Snow Angels" co-starring Kate Beckinsale and Amy Sedaris) demonstrated one of the biggest trends of Sundance style-mixing brown and black. Actresses merrily mixed the two colors up, carrying brown bags while sporting black boots or vice versa. Olivia also wore slim-fitting pants tucked into boots, a smart move because you don't add bulk to your frame nor do you get the bottoms of your pants wet in the snow.

Sienna Miller (starring in "Interview," directed by and co-starting Steve Buscemi) is seen here with a Chanel resin rose ring, Chanel bag, and the currently cute tunic-over-jeans look layered with a bright sweater for tromping around outside. She ditched the sweater to sing karaoke later. (PS: this is one time Uggs are appropriate)

Zooey Deschanel (in Martin Hynes's "The Go-Getter" made a mark in her cerulean blue overcoat and Wayfarers, while Keri Russell (in town for Adrienne Shelly's "Waitress") wrapped up in a big scarf.

Finally, we have Mandy Moore (promoting "Dedication," directed by one of our favorite men, Justin Theroux), looking luscious in Chloe shoes, wide-legged jeans, and a perfect winter white knee-length jacket. UPDATE: Mandy's jeans are vintage and her bag is by Coach.

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