Working Out

Here at WhoWhatWear Daily's office, we've been focusing on fitness the past, oh, four or five days. Some of us (read: Katherine) are working on overall wellness, and to that effect, just got a brand spanking new gym membership. Some of us (read: Hillary) are hitting the treadmill because they are terrified they won't fit into an upcoming bridesmaid dress-the horror, the horror! As we lace up our shoes and pull on our sports bras, we wondered if a little physical fitness, fashion inspiration wouldn't cheer us up? It was worth a shot, so here is today's (practical if not eye-popping) What They Wear: Working Out.

But don't think that we're just writing about this today to solely amuse ourselves, oh no! You, dear readers, have actually emailed us lately wanting to know what to wear for their athletic endeavors. Also, due to the sporty nature of many of the spring collections, we thought this would be a good time for a fitness discourse.

The easiest way to rip the above celebrities' sporty style is to raid American Apparel. The store is possibly the best thing that's ever happened to workout clothes. You can find yoga pants (like Cameron and Reese are wearing) for $35, headbands (like Cameron's) in over 20 colors for $8 each, and gym bags (again, like Cameron's) in one of eight colors for $30. To get the exact, bright yellow, cotton canvas sack Ms. Diaz is toting, pick up the LA-Z bag (

When it comes to sweats, Tinsletown residents seem to buy Free City, Jet by John Eshaya, and Rebel Yell by the bushel. Reese is wearing a Free City sweatshirt, above, and in the interest of total disclosure, we have several items too-pieces we adore. Nina Garduno of Ron Herman is the creator of the insanely soft Free City line, available in Ron Herman stores and at the Free City Supershop in Malibu (323.651.4129 for the RH store on Melrose).

Over on the other side of this page, Christina's cherry-colored pants are Jet burnout sweats ($78, Finally we have the beloved Rebel Yell, which has been spotted on the Simpson sisters, Lindsay Lohan, and Ashley Olsen. We imagine they like long length, vintage fabric feeling, and slim cut of the line. We crave Rebel Yell's raglan fleece hoodie, above, especially due to its awesome, black and grey, baseball t-shirt style ($134,

Finally we have Ms. Paltrow, who looks street-ready despite the fact that she's en route to a Pilates class, or so we were told. We think the gym shoes are just a rouse, a cunning attempt to trick the general public. We know the truth. Gwyneth is so going to get her pole on at strip aerobics-at least in our minds.

UPDATE! If you want one of Cameron's exact workout headbands, buy an i | m active ToughTread Head Wrap in black ($7.99, Photos of Reese and Cameron, courtesy of