Fashionable Fellows

Perhaps it's our magazine background rearing its head (the New Year/New You cover line was drilled into our brains), but we've felt like flipping the script lately. To that effect, we've decided to dip into an area of fashion we've never touched-menswear-for the day. Above you'll find a gang of our favorite well-dressed guys who cover the range from downtown cool to dapper dandies. Perhaps you should forward this to the most stylish men in your life or the darling-but-dismal dressers you know? Either way, it's sure to inspire!

Our first fashionable fellow is Adam Brody, seen here en route to MTV's TRL studios. It's nice to see him freshen up the preppy classic combo (blazer, button down, and khakis) by swapping in cords for the traditional chinos and choosing these staples in a slim fit. Moving on, Mark Ronson made a bold but well-executed move with the dark plaid suit he wore to a launch party and dinner for Dolce & Gabbana's "The One" fragrance. Next up is David Beckham, looking yummy as usual in a cool pair of broken in jeans and a cozy cardigan. One aspect we love about Beckham's street style that he often wears ties tucked into sweaters; it's sort of an ode to geek chic. Finishing up our top row, we have Penn Badgley from "Gossip Girl." Snapped while walking to the set in New York, Badgley's on point with his plaid shirt and charcoal scarf.

In the second row, we have another Adam kicking things off, though this one is the frontman for Maroon 5. Levine has always been a snappy dresser, but as of late he's acquired the sort of casual sophistication world-travelers possess. He showed off this relaxed but sleek style while roamed the streets in Paris. Zipping right along, we have James Franco, spotted at the Hollywood premiere of "In The Valley Of Elah." He's a great example of how a simple black blazer can add a polish to any outfit. Fellows, if you're reading this, please invest in one immediately-and make sure it fits perfectly. Our next man, Kanye West, is always au courrent and interesting to watch. West has a very personal sense of style and we love how he clearly thinks about the details. Just look at the above image of him from a GQ party in London and know that you're observing a sartorial genius. We'll wrap things up with Hayden Christensen, seen here in New York wearing a key item this season-the double-breasted jacket. We're fans of the crispness of his denim, as well as the little pop of color that comes from his scarf.

1. Adam Brody
2. Mark Ronson
3. David Beckham
4. Penn Badgley
5. Adam Levine
6. James Franco
7. Kanye West
8. Hayden Christensen
Photos of Adam Brody and Adam Levine, SplashNews. Photos of Mark Ronson and James Franco, Wireimage. Photo of Hayden Christensen, INFgoff.