As the saying goes, there are only two emotions on a plane-boredom and terror-and we at WhoWhatWearDaily agree. Though for us, that phrase applies to our feelings on the clothes most people choose to wear whilst traveling. While we're not delusional enough to suggest that airports should resemble fashion week, we'd be thrilled if more travelers took inspiration from the above jetsetters. Part of the reason we're fond of these just plane (if you will) cute ensembles is because unlike red carpet outings, these ladies have actually selected their own clothes sans stylist. As you can note, there are four key points: large sunglasses, lots of layers, closed-toe shoes, and in a surprise note, the return of a pashmina-esque shawl. Sunglasses hide makeup-free faces (the best thing for your skin when traveling), layers allow for appropriate attire for whatever climate, boots or sneakers for warmth and socks for the walk through security, and the pashmina is cozier than an airplane blanket.