Craving More Digestible Health Advice? Introducing THE/THIRTY

Photo: Courtesy of THE/THIRTY

It’s no secret that trying to live a healthier lifestyle is currently “trending,” and we are so on board. In an effort to accommodate your commendable goal of a healthier life, our parent company, Clique Media Group, is bringing you THE/THIRTY, a dedicated wellness hub and community living under the Byrdie umbrella. Focused on well-being, THE/THIRTY takes a no-nonsense approach to everything from diet and exercise to athletic wear.

Inspired by Byrdie’s popular 30-day wellness challenge, #TheByrdie30, THE/THIRTY is motivated by the concept that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but we like to say that it takes 30 to build a lifestyle. Everyone’s journey to wellness is completely different, and we are well aware of that, which is why THE/THIRTY is meant to be more of an unbiased conversation with you as we talk all things diet, exercise, mindfulness, self-care, and health—hold the granola.

Together, we hope to create an environment that encourages communal growth, empowered strength, and an overall community of women who can inspire each other every step of the way as we achieve the healthy lives (both physically and mentally) that we all deserve.

Follow THE/THIRTY on Instagram (@thethirty) and join the community on Facebook for wellness on your own terms.

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