The stripes trend is everywhere. How can I get the look?

Bold stripes can be intimidating—after all, no one wants to look like an umpire or a circus tent—but with some smart styling, they can be flattering, we promise. Here are our three favourite ways to wear this spring trend without fear!

Tip #1: Mix With Abandon Embrace your inner '60s starlet and try a striking mix of bigger, horizontal stripes on your top and smaller, vertical stripes on your lower half. While there are lots of bright colours on the market, when you're starting out, stick to black or navy. Also, it's smart to keep the accessories to a minimum and your shoes simple and chic. (Think: a striped menswear-inspired blouse loosely tucked into a sleek pencil skirt, paired with pointy shoes and your hair in a sweet topknot.)

Tip #2: Consider It A Neutral Approach a bold stripe as you would any other wardrobe staple. That means style it with denim, camel, khakis, and leather without hesitation. Also, feel free to pepper it with other classic prints, like leopard, small polka dots, or florals.

Tip #3: Think Beyond Basic While we urge you to own as many striped sweaters, knit tees, and woven tops as your budget allows, we love a striped accessory too! Try rocking a boldly striped pair of sunglasses or shoes. Even a small addition of this fun, timeless print will elevate your look and make it effortlessly cool!