What You Need to Know About the Price of a T-Shirt


Cybele Malinowski for The Road

Do you ever really stop and think about what goes into the price of the clothes you’re wearing? Is that $10 bargain you found really a bargain, when you think about how the price can be kept so low? At what point is a piece of clothing worth the price? It doesn’t just materialise out of thin air, there’s a huge supply chain that goes into manufacturing clothing, so when prices are at the lowest of low, someone’s missing out.

New Australian label The Road is here to shake things up. The slow fashion movement has been gaining momentum in recent years, with more and more people eager to understand where their garments come from, and how they’re made. The Road has started small, and created a collection of basics (including the perfect white T-shirt), that you can be certain are manufactured ethically. The brand sources cotton from GOTS and Fairtrade certified farms and mills, and dyes them using a zero liquid discharge system to stop wastewater run-off. Everyone in the supply chain is appropriately paid (in the exact same way you would expect to be paid). Want to feel good in your clothes? This is the answer.

Everyone has a collection of T-shirts in their wardrobe, but how much does it actually cost to create one? For The Road, it’s $13.64. For the farmers, millers, makers, marketers, designers, and everyone else involved to get paid, it must retail for $39, but for a limited time, The Road is selling its plain white tee for the price it costs to create it, and the brand is footing the rest of the bill. Sounds pretty good to us. Keep scrolling to shop the tee.

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