The Real Reason Blake Lively Agreed to Star in Gossip Girl


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If four covers tell you anything, it's that Vogue loves Blake Lively. The actress recently caught up with the mag to talk fashion, as well as why she took her career-making role as Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl.

Lively was initially hesitant to sign onto a television series, given the long-term commitment, but she swiftly reconsidered when casting directors told her about Serena’s enviable wardrobe. “I think the real carrot for Blake was the opportunity for clothing,” executive producer Josh Schwartz said. “She was like, ‘Wait, so you’re asking me to move to New York and wear the most incredible clothes, some of which you might actually let me keep?’” It looks like Lively is truly a girl after our own hearts. 

Shop some pieces we think Serena would love below!

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