This New Cover Is a Major Win for Actresses Over 40

It's no secret that Hollywood tends to favor younger actresses, which is why we were downright thrilled to see five women over 40 and two women over 30 on The Hollywood Reporter's new cover. Wearing summer-ready dresses in coordinating blush tones, it certainly doesn't hurt that they all look especially radiant to boot. 

But going far beyond just age and impeccable style, the cover features some of the most talented, dynamic, and hard-working women on TV right now: Sarah Paulson, Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington, Julianna Margulies, Constance Zimmer, and Regina King. The ladies discuss some of the entertainment industry's hot-button issues, including sexism, Hollywood's "boys' club," and more. Head over to The Hollywood Reporter to read the full interview. 

Scroll down to see magazine's new cover, and shop the pretty color palette for yourself!

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