It's Official: This Is the Most Valuable Model Right Now

A-list actresses are used to fronting tons of campaigns, but these days, supermodels are taking over—and now the data proves it.

As The Drum reported, the social engagement tool Celebrity Intelligence analyzed online and social media trends to curate a "Very Important Endorser" list, rounding up the 10 most valuable celebrity brand ambassadors. At the top of the list is none other than Kendall Jenner, who has been the face of 14 different brands this year. Scroll down to see who rounded out the top five, and head over to The Drum to see the full list. (Hint: An athlete and a British reality star were somewhat surprising additions.)

1. Kendall Jenner
2. Karlie Kloss
3. Gigi Hadid
4. Cara Delevingne
5. Irina Shayk

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