Profiled: How to Make It in Fashion When You Don't Live in New York

As we've discussed many times before, breaking into fashion can be quite the difficult task to accomplish. It's a close-knit world, and it can be a tough community to penetrate when you're young or are embarking on a new career journey.

No one knows this better than Stephanie Mark, co-founder of wildly successful fashion site The Coveteur. Mark had an even tougher challenge ahead of her when she set out to launch the site: Based in Toronto, she didn't have the advantage of being based in NYC where most members of fashion media are headquartered. Being a bit of a geographical outsider, Mark is the perfect person to provide wisdom on how to make it in fashion when you don't live in NYC.

"If you’re looking to start your own [venture] online, there is a huge opportunity to do that from where you are and try to create your own voice and perspective, instead of feeling like you need to come to New York," Mark advises. "Being from Toronto gave us a little bit of a unique perspective, and at least made our content stand out more. I think not being in New York allowed us to really focus a lot more; it didn’t cloud our judgment concerning who we wanted to cover and shoot."

Now that the site is approaching its fifth birthday, Mark has made the decision to relocate her team to New York, citing the company's growth as her main reason for the move. 

"To grow and scale, it was the right plan to come to NYC, but in the beginning, there was a distinct advantage to being separate from it," Mark conveys. "Our content and our point of view, that’s what we've become known for: our styling and our photography are all really different. There were a lot of differentiating factors that helped us stand out in the beginning."

The No. 1 thing Mark thinks you need if you want to break into fashion? A good attitude.

"I know fashion has a bad stigma, but what I’ve learned is that just showing up and having a good attitude will take you really, really far," Mark urges. "If you are going to dedicate yourself to trying to intern or get a job somewhere, make sure you are really well-versed in the companies you are applying to; it goes a huge distance. Instead of sending out a mass email, really tailor them to the people in the departments you want to work for. As long as you have a good attitude, you’ll find it easier and more welcoming than you thought it would be."

Head to The Coveteur to see what Mark and her editorial team have been up to lately, and keep scrolling to shop some of our favorite office-ready pieces now! 

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