The Chic Way to Wear a Maxi Skirt (Yes, It's Possible)

At times, it can seem pretty much impossible to transition from winter to spring without entirely overhauling your closet—it's not like parkas and wool hats really have a place in most women's wardrobes by April or May. But if there's one piece that actually goes well from the cold months to the warmer ones, it's the maxi skirt

While the maxi can easily enter into frumpy territory if not worn correctly, when styled the right way, it's actually quite chic. Think: ultra-feminine on the bottom, sleek and refined on the top. Pair a flowing skirt with a crisp button-down top, a crop top, or even a form-fitting body suit for maximum effect.

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Tory Burch Kendra Floral-Print Stretch Silk-Georgette Maxi Skirt ($450)

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