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Over the past 10 years of running our company, we’ve hired hundreds of people, given countless raises and promotions, and dealt with difficult decisions galore. We’ve loved every second of it—the challenges and the rewards—which is why it was so important to us to write our new book, The Career Code ($12). We’ve learned, first hand, what it takes to create the smartest, strategic, and most successful career possible, and we’re truly excited to share everything we know with all of our amazing readers. The Career Code is full of all kinds of practical, impactful, and actionable tips and tricks for every stage of your career, and we even included a bonus section of 27 of our favorite life hacks. Best of all, if you buy it now, you’ll get your copy early, so preorder The Career Code today!

Hillary + Katherine

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undefined The Career Code by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power $12

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